These are my notes from books I read. Each page’s title is also a link to the corresponding GoodReads entry. You can see my GoodReads lists here.

Tuesdays with Morrie

The most important things in life are the things we feel and the relationships we have. The best work is to influence others: to be someone’s favorite teacher or best friend. “I’ve never had another _______ like you.” Share talents and words with others in sincere ways Do the best you can to do what you want to do, but forgive yourself when you don’t do something. Read poetry and see art.
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Weapons of math destruction: how big data increases inequality and threatens democracy

In fact, I saw all kinds of parallels between finance and Big Data. Both industries gobble up the same pool of talent, much of it from elite universities like MIT, Princeton, or Stanford. These new hires are ravenous for success and have been focused on external metrics–like SAT scores and college admissions–their entire lives. Whether in finance or tech, the message they’ve received is that they will be rich, that they will run the world.
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The main character of the first story slowly changed his attitude toward demands on his resources. “Can I actually fulfill this request, given the time and resources I have?” “Is this the very most important thing I should be doing with my time and resources right now?” “Just because I was invited didn’t seem a good enough reason to attend.” It’s important to pursue “less but better” in a disciplined way.
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Increase in learning: spiritual patterns for obtaining your own answers

Chapter 1 We are give the opportunity to have the Spirit as a constant companion! To take advantage, we need to sincerely desire it, invite it through action, and be worthy of it through obedience. Chapter 2 Knowledge is the accumulation of facts. Understanding comes when we apply our hearts to knowledge, which lets the Holy Ghost testify to us of the truthfulness of it. Understanding comes by revelation. “Intelligence is the righteous application of knowledge and understanding in action and judgment.
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