Google's multilingual neural machine translation system

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They use the word-piece model from “Japanese and Korean Voice Search”, with 32,000 word pieces. (This is a lot less than the 200,000 used in that paper.) They state in the paper that the shared word-piece model is very similar to Byte-Pair-Encoding, which was used for NMT in this paper by researchers at U of Edinburgh.

The model and training process are exactly as in Google’s earlier paper. It takes 3 weeks on 100 GPUs to train, even after increasing batch size and learning rate.

They played with oversampling data so that all language pairs were equally represented, performing word-piece segmentation after the fact.

They observed that performance began to degrade after including more languages in the model, but I wonder if that’s just because they kept their word-piece models so small? For more languages, I would image you would need more word pieces.

What’s cool is that they were able to perform translation between language pairs that weren’t seen during training. But adding a little bit of real data for that language pair improved results dramatically.