for a socially beneficial and responsible development of AI

These are my notes from a conversation between Yoshua Bengio and Kate Crawford held at Mila on 2023-03-20, announcing the release of a new book created as a joint report between Mila and UNESCO called Missing links in AI governance (link). There were news articles in French (Le Devoir), but not as many in English unfortunately (Datanami). Bengio: What motivates you to do what you do? This topic has turned from an academic move to a societal one really quickly, and it’s scary.
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WordBurner beta

Update 2022-04-27: The beta is over, but the apk is still installable with the instructions below and any feedback sent from inside the app will be received by me. I’m going to be working on this more over the summer, and eventually publishing it on the app store. :) Ever since learning Spanish, it has been a dream of mine to create a vocabulary study app that meets my needs. Duolingo won’t cover advanced vocabulary, Anki requires manually-generated decks, and other apps have expensive subscription plans.
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Jupyter Lab Hub in Docker with Nvidia GPU support

This is how I set up my headless home server with a Jupyter Lab Docker container with an Nvidia GPU runtime. Login is handled by a GitHub OAuth application. Nvidia drivers and the container runtime permalink First, check here (replacing the CUDA version in the URL with your own) to see which Nvidia drivers you need for the CUDA toolkit version you want. I’m using CUDA 11.4.2, which means I need at least driver version 470.
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