Matrix setup with Synapse, Postgres, Maubot, and matrix-registration

This is how I set up my own Matrix server with Docker.These instructions were originally for ARM, back when I ran this server on a Raspberry Pi. Unfortunately, the Matrix community stopped releasing ARM images, so the latest version that will work on ARM without QEMU is v1.26.0, which is very old now. These instructions have been updated to use amd64 images, but I’ll preserve the references to ARM images as comments.
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using Matrix

Matrix is a federated, open source chat system. By federated, we mean that people can communicate across different servers, like in the image below. In that way, it works sort of like email: even though you may use and I might use, we can still write each other emails. In our case, I host the server at, and you and I can connect to it with various clients.
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