Minecraft in Docker

This guide shows how to host multiple Minecraft servers on a single machine with docker-compose. mkdir minecraft_server cd minecraft_server mkdir data/ wget /post/minecraft/docker-compose.yml \ -O docker-compose.yml This docker-compose setup uses itzg’s Docker image, which you see further documentation for here. If you’re moving from a vanilla Minecraft world, do the following to get the different world directories in the right position: cp -r ${OLD}/world data/server/world mkdir data/server/world_{nether,the_end} mv data/server/world/DIM-1 data/server/world_nether/DIM-1 mv data/server/world/DIM1 data/server/world_the_end/DIM1 Here’s the map from vanilla Minecraft directories to Spigot directories (which is what itzg’s container uses):
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