I really just want to edit and compile my LaTeX files in VS Code

LaTeX has a ton of different flavors, releases, and installations: MacTeX, MiKTeX, TeXworks, XeTeX, pdfTeX, LuaTeX… If you’re using Linux and just want to edit LaTeX files in Visual Studio Code and have them automatically rendered as PDFs, follow these instructions: On Arch-based distros, install the packages listed here. On Debian-based systems, sudo apt install texlive. Install some Perl dependencies: sudo cpan Log::Log4perl Log::LogDispatch Log::Dispatch::File YAML::Tiny File::HomeDir If you want to use FontAwesome on Arch-based systems, install the oft-font-awesome package and then do the following (source):
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using Matrix

Matrix is a federated, open source chat system. Federation means that people can message each other across different servers, like in the image below. In that way, it works sort of like email: even though you may use and I might use, we can still write each other emails. In our case, I host the server at, and you and I can connect to it with various clients.
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